Midwest Travel might go right over your head as it does for the far majority of folks who have never visited. Before visiting this section of the USA the idea of traveling here was never on my radar. Looking for your next trip? Don’t overlook some underappreciated and less visited Midwest destinations.

Midwest Travel Destinations this Summer

  • Marquette, MI
  • Duluth, MN
  • Hocking Hills, OH
  • Indiana Dunes, IN
  • Milwaukee, WI

Marquette, MI

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Marquette is one of Michigan’s and the UP’s most beautiful destinations. Summer brings in larger crowds but is still an absolutely scenic and worthwhile place for anyone to visit. Outdoor adventure, multiple breweries, and endless Lake Superior shoreline, make this one of the best place to send anytime in the Midwest.

Duluth, MN

Duluth, Minnesota is another Lake Superior city. Situated on the Northern shores of the Lake, Duluth offers visitors gorgeous coastal scenery and one of the most recognizable lighthouses in the state. Need more inspiration? Check out one of the most talented underwater photographers, based out of Duluth.

Hocking Hills, OH

Hocking Hills is Ohio’s premiere outdoor destination. Albeit being Ohio’s premiere stop, it’s still relatively lightly visited. What’s waiting for you at Hocking Hills? Caves, waterfalls, zip lining and some lush vegetation. Visit in summer for excellent adventures and fall for vibrant colors.

Indiana Dunes National Park, IN

One of the nation’s newest minted National Park, Indiana Dunes is another Midwest Gem. Located only about an hour outside of downtown Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan, this National Park has a plethora of reasons to visit. Excellent bird watching, diversity of species, and easy accessibility. Get here before everyone else does.

Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee may not jump to the top of your lists but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. A thriving NBA team, countless waterfront bars and restaurants, and only an hour north of Chicago, make Milwaukee an easy pick for summer adventure. Hop on a boat and explore the canals of the city and revel in the beauty that surrounds.

Midwest Travel and More

midwest travel

Have you made it too any of these Midwest destinations before? If so, which one is your favorite? Which one would you like too visit the most? None of these appeal to you? What would you add to this list?

If any of you decide to make the trip to Marquette, contact me here so you can maximize your time in Michigan. For those who enjoy photography and want a photo tour or just a city tour, use the link above. Thanks for reading and hope too see you out there!

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