Colombian Backpacking Destinations to Visit Now

Colombian Backpacking Destinations to keep on your radar. My top 5. Welcome to Colombia I think I’ve made it clear to most folks but if I haven’t, COLOMBIA is an AMAZING country a to get lost in (no, not like I need a helicopter evacuation lost). The vast options of Colombian Backpacking destinations, complemented byContinue reading “Colombian Backpacking Destinations to Visit Now”

Colombia Amazon: Guide to Leticia, Colombia

Are you heading to the Colombia Amazon? Are you heading the gateway city, Leticia? Excellent decision for Colombia and yourself. Keep on reading for your welcoming guide to one of the worlds most fascinating regions. Welcome to the Colombia Amazon Oh the amazon. The beauty, the heat, and the mosquitos. It’s hard to articulate whatContinue reading “Colombia Amazon: Guide to Leticia, Colombia”

San Gil Backpacking – Colombias Outdoor Capital

San Gil Backpacking – Rafting, Hiking & much much more Where is San Gil? San Gil is nestled in the Santander department of Colombia. A small Andean city in northern Colombia, San Gil is a haven for the adventurous. A city renowned for its outdoor activities, the options abundant and the scenery lovely. San GilContinue reading “San Gil Backpacking – Colombias Outdoor Capital”

Bogota Hiking: The Guide to Colombia’s Tallest Waterfall

Hiking to La Chorrera, Colombia’s tallest waterfall. If you haven’t noticed yet, Colombia is a land full of beautiful destinations and activities. With an armada of buses & cheap flights, getting from A to B is simple as depicting hieroglyphics. No, but the options here are easy & abundant. Bogota hiking is also something youContinue reading “Bogota Hiking: The Guide to Colombia’s Tallest Waterfall”

Paramo De Oceta – 1 of Colombia’s Amazing Hikes

Paramo De Oceta- 1 of Colombia’s Amazing Hikes [Photos] Nestled in the hillsides of the Boyacan department is the charming colonial Puebla of Monguí. Monguí is rich with lovely scenery and even better, lightly visited. Because of it’s trickled through tourism, this gateway city to the Paramo de Oceta, is welcoming and gorgeous. This ParamoContinue reading “Paramo De Oceta – 1 of Colombia’s Amazing Hikes”

Bogota Backpacking: Street Art, Traffic & More

Bogota Backpacking: Street Art, Traffic & More Welcome to Bogota. Colombia’s capital and home to more than 8 million people. Overwhelming much? Yes, but don’t let the numbers, cold, or traffic scare you off, unless you want to miss another memorable Colombian city. So why am I here & why should you be here too? ReadContinue reading “Bogota Backpacking: Street Art, Traffic & More”

Backpack Colombia: Colombia’s Choco Region Guide

Backpack Colombia: Colombia’s Choco Region Guide Welcome to Choco, Colombia. One of Colombia’s least explored but most beautiful regions. Situated on the western part of Colombia, the Choco region has sections that range from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Luckily for myself & those who have experienced this blissful region, the Choco region hasContinue reading “Backpack Colombia: Colombia’s Choco Region Guide”

Stranded in the Pacific Ocean. The REALLY slow boat to Colombia’s Nuqui

“Yoni Yoni Yoni , yo copio” “Yoni Yoni Yoni , yo copio” It was at this moment I knew we were in trouble. Positioned somewhere 50 miles off the pacific coast, aimlessly floating, our stress call was made. 11:30 on a Friday afternoon the conditions couldn’t have been better but the situation couldn’t had beenContinue reading “Stranded in the Pacific Ocean. The REALLY slow boat to Colombia’s Nuqui”

Backpacking Salento’s Valle De Cocora

Salento. I love you. You will too, i think. This is the spot for anyone and everyone. Nature enthusiasts cup will overflow, while the other portion of travelers will be searching for ways to stay longer. Taking the journey & hiking through the valley is a must, must do. The saying in Salento goes, “IfContinue reading “Backpacking Salento’s Valle De Cocora”

FREE Medellin Activities for every Backpacker.[Photos]

Free Medellin Activities for Every Backpacker Free is always the desirable price, isn’t it? But as we all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Whether you have spent all of your money on cheap beers and are just holding on by a thread. Or you are just looking to save fewContinue reading “FREE Medellin Activities for every Backpacker.[Photos]”