5 Best Munising MI Things to NOT Miss NOW (2021)

Munising is one of Michigan’s most visited places in the Upper Peninsula. Munising MI is one of the main gateways for visitors to explore the globally recognized, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Besides the beauty of the Lakeshore, Munising is home to some other well deserved visits. 

Best Things to do in Munising Overview

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

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Munising is one of the main funnels into the globally recognized, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. How far is Munising from Pictured Rocks? Munising is only 1.5 miles away from Pictured Rocks

The Lakeshore is an unbelievable set of trails, waterfalls, beaches, and viewpoints. There are many ways to experience the majestic beauty but the best way to experience it, is from the water. Base yourself in Munising to see all of the park and then some.

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Waterfalls Near Munising

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Laughing Whitefish Falls

Munising is one of the best places in Michigan to base yourself for a waterfall expedition. There are more than 17 waterfalls scattered throughout the Alger area, all fewer than 35 minutes away. This doesn’t include the many you will also find apart of Pictured Rocks!

MUST Visit Waterfalls include:

  • Laughing Whitefish Falls (35 minutes)
  • Wagner Falls (5 minutes),
  • Tannery/Memorial Falls (3 minutes)
  • Au Train Falls (20 minutes)

Falling Rocks Cafe and Bookstore

It wouldn’t be a trip without some type of store unique to the city. Check out Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore, right in the heart of Munising MI. Grab a coffee, food, or sit down for a read in the expansive and homey store. Make sure to check out the local activities in town and ask for some local advice if needed.

Grand Island - Munising MI

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You might have no idea what you are looking at from the shores of Munising, but it’s probably Grand Island. Situated about .5 mile from shore to shore, Grand Island provides visitors with ample opportunities to explore. 

Fish, bike, hike, Grand Island is a nice day trip for any and everyone. Take the ferry ($20 including Island fees) or rent a kayak/pontoon to access the island. When winter comes through, guests make the trek across to the spectacular ice formations that form on the exterior.

Au Train Beach/Kayaking

Au Train is a place most people will pull over for a rest stop or a photo of the amazing long stretch of beach along Superior. Or they might join in on the bridge jumping fun you will see on any hot day. Au Train Beach is a worth while stop and if you want a solid place to Kayak aside from Pictured Rocks, Au Train is your spot.

Munising Bike Trails

Don’t let Marquette overshadow the trail network in these UP area. The Munising bike trails are well worth your time. Start out riding the trails next to the Party Store in town and then check out Bruno’s Run about 10 minutes from the heart of the city. Trails are open throughout all seasons!

Hotels in Munising MI

Because Munising receives so many tourists, there are plenty of places to stay when planning a trip. Some popular places to consider booking for your trip are:

Roam InnRestored 1896 home with incredible terrace views provide visitors Lakeside luxury for less than a luxurious price. 

Holiday Inn Express Lakeview – On the West end of town, the Inn has phenomenal views on the hill perched over Lake Superior.


Munising MI and more from Me

Munising, Michigan is an amazing place to be in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. These are only some of the best that are at your fingertips and I hope you take advantage by experiencing all of them. If you need anymore advice or help, please CONTACT ME and I will do whatever I can to help. 

Munising has some excellent places to eat and drink:

By George Brewing 

East Channel Brewing 

Eh Burger


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