The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is an adventurers paradise. From world class biking to some of the most pristine lake shore trails, the UP does not disappoint. But where are the best of the spots and experiences, when making your way to this remote and lightly populated region? Here we will go over some of our favorite places that you must visit when you make it to the UP

Upper Peninsula of Michigan Bucket List:

  • Sugar Loaf Mountain
  • Mount Bohemia
  • Kitchitikipi
  • Eben Ice Caves
  • Tahquamenon Falls
  • Pasties
  • Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
  • Isle Royale
  • Lake of the Clouds
  • Marquette
  • Canyon Falls/Sturgeon River Gorge
  • Munising
  • Mackinac Island
  • Cold Water Dips

Sugar Loaf Mountain

upper peninsula of michigan

Sugar Loaf Mountain is one of the most recognizable mountains and hikes in the UP. Located in Marquette, Sugar Loaf makes the list for its incredible Lake Superior views and easily accessible viewpoints. This one is a can’t miss.

Mount Bohemia

Hopefully when you visit its winter and with winter comes the Epic skiing of Mount Bohemia. Mount Bohemia is regarded as one of the nations and midwests top ski resorts and with its close proximity to Lake Superior, a superior candidate for Lake Effect.


upper peninsula of michigan

If you’ve been to the UP and have never visited the “eternal spring” plug in the coordinates and go as soon as possible. Kitchitikipi is one the most majestic springs I’ve ever witnessed and in winter time is equally impressive with the surrounding trees coated in snow. If you want to plan a trip you can plan it here

Eben Ice Caves

upper peninsula of michigan

This one is strictly for winter. The Eben Ice Caves are a treat and could be considered one of the coolest “attractions” to see. This area freezes over and creates Hanging ice caves that attract the masses. Wear your crampons or you will slip! Guide on the Eben Ice Caves here!

Tahquamenon Falls

upper peninsula of michigan

These waterfalls have probably inundated your Instagram feed, and for good reason! The Falls are extraordinary and are a spectacular sight that everyone has to experience. An ounce of experience outweighs a pound of theory in this case always.


You have to have pasty if you’re visiting the UP. No trip or no bucket list is complete without a mention of an Upper Peninsula staple. Pasties are available at many roadside tourist attractions or featured on restaurant menus. Ask around or ask me if you still need some assistance!

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

upper peninsula of michigan

Munising will be your jumping off point for this expedition. Whether its via tour boat, private boat, or self guided kayaks, this is an incredible destination to witness in any season. I recommend summer as it’s ideal for a day on the lake. However, aside from just seeing the Pictured Rocks from sea, the hiking and color transformations in fall are ridiculous to experience.

Isle Royale

Isle Royale is situated way, way, way up north. It’s so north and remote that its the least visited National Park in the Park System. The beauty of the isolation is the fact that you probably won’t see a human all day but possibly more encounters with moose. Boats depart from Copper Harbor and take close to 3 hours one way.

Lake of the Clouds

Lake of the Clouds might take the prize as best viewpoint in the UP. Located in the Porcupine Wilderness State Park, Lake of the clouds is phenomenal year round, but arguably best during fall. Don’t miss this one!


Marquette is a must stop city when you’re cruising through the UP. From the aforementioned Sugarloaf Mountain to the multiple breweries in town, to gorgeous Lake Superior Shoreline, don’t miss out on this city.

Canyon Falls/Sturgeon River Gorge

upper peninsula of michigan

The Grand Canyon of the UP aka the Sturgeon River Gorge is a beauty! If you need that Grand Canyon appeal without the hassle of venturing to Arizona, give this scenic spot a go! Its not as grandeur as the Grand Canyon, but it surely will keep your camera clicking.


Munising, like Marquette, makes this list because it’s an excellent base for exploring. The city is home to the beginning of your tours for the Shoreline tours and has a close proximity to a number of beautiful waterfalls just in it’s backyard. One cafe I love here is Falling Rock Cafe.

Mackinac Island

The Mackinac Island is a gorgeous trip to take if you get the chance. Hike the shores and revel in the glory of the island that has one of the most coolest rock formations in Michigan, Arch Rock!

Cold Water Dips

Any trip to the UP must include a dip into any of the Lakes! For the majority of you it will be in Summer, but for the hardcore, POLAR PLUNGE it !

Upper Peninsula of Michigan Recap

There are plenty of other things in the Upper Peninsula that could be listed but these are some of my favorites and must experience. Have you been to all of these or are you still working on crossing most of them off of your list?

Looking to base yourself somewhere strategic for your UP adventures? I recommend Marquette, because it’s centrally located and the city itself has some incredible attraction. Need some guidance on where to stay, eat, or drink while in Marquette?

Upper Peninsula of Michigan Tours and More

Marquette and the Upper Peninsula are surely going to capture your heart whether you visit in spring, summer, or winter. For the folks who don’t like the cold, make your trip in any other months but for those who can embrace the bone shattering temperatures, winter is a wonderland.

Thanks for reading and if you have any more that should be included, please comment and I can add to the list! See you out there in the UP or somewhere else in this world.

6 thoughts on “Upper Peninsula of Michigan: 2020 Bucket List Revealed

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Barbara. I’m new to the scene too but have had the chance to get out and explore a bunch. Maybe I’ll see ya guys this summer!

  1. Great bucket list. Thank you for sharing. However I feel you’re missing Brockway Mountain Drive and the roadtrip beyond Copper Harbor.

    1. Thanks for reading & commenting Jackie! Ya I definitely missed those but the list will be updated as it was only a start to a growing bucket list. Where’s your favorite place in the UP?

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