Michigan waterfalls are almost as abundant as its lakes. Although there aren’t quite as many waterfalls as lakes, the state is replete with them. Don’t be like TLC and “don’t go chasing waterfalls” because you will be missing out on some of the states natural wonders. Here are some Michigan waterfalls you should go chase today.

Michigan Waterfalls: 5 Waterfalls to go chasing

  • Tahquamenon Falls
  • Dead River Falls
  • Chapel Falls
  • Bond Falls
  • Canyon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls

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Tahquamenon Falls is one of Michigan’s most popular waterfall stops. It’s potentially the second best waterfall east of the Mississippi behind Niagara Falls. Why should you visit Tahquamenon Falls? The Tahquamenon Falls Brewery is located at the trailhead and the changing landscapes of Michigan’s seasons.

Dead River Falls

michigan waterfalls

I’ve mentioned Dead River Falls in a number of my previous posts and I am mentioning it again. When the water is flowing and the heat is turned up, the Dead River Falls hike is one of Michigan’s best. Incredible scenery and multiple levels of waterfalls, Dead River Falls has it all.

Chapel Falls/Chapel Beach Falls

Chapel Falls is nowhere near amazing as Tahquamenon Falls but neither are any other ones. What makes Chapel Falls list worthy is the scenery that surrounds it. Tucked away in the Pictured Rock National Seashore, Chapel Falls is apart of one of Michigan’s best hikes, Chapel Loop. Add 2 different viewing platforms for this waterfall and it’s surely a winner.

If you are making the entire hike to Chapel Beach, you will see Chapel Beach Falls which empties onto the shores of Lake Superior.

Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls aka the Grand Canyon of Michigan is an Upper Peninsula hidden gem. Now this has no sizable comparison to the Grand Canyon but for Michigan standards, this is an amazing gorge to visit. Most people skip this one because its secluded and not as widely known as other Michigan tourist attractions.

Bond Falls

Upper Peninsula waterfalls make Michigan road trips what they are. Bond Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Michigan and must be added to anyones Michigan Road trip itinerary. Bond Falls is located in the Western part of the Upper Peninsula and measures in around 40 feet high and 100 feet wide. Make sure you get to this one!

Michigan Trip Planner

There you have it folks. Some of Michigan’s best waterfalls for your future travel plans. Now, besides waterfalls, there are a plethora of Michigan tourist attractions that you don’t want to skip. The majority of Michigan’s best things to do are out in the bounty of nature. Here are some of the best Upper Peninsula sights to see guides:

I know it can be hard to choose everything, so plan wisely. If you need anymore advice or want me too plan your trip, message me here. If you are interested in learning more about Michigan waterfalls, read all about more of them here

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