Kitch Iti Kipi: Michigan's Remarkable Spot in 2021 (Photos)


Kitch iti kipi is one of the most visited places in Michigan but don’t let the name or crowds scare you. Because you probably already misspelled or mispronounced this Michigan hot spot, make sure you don’t miss out on it. This attraction should be put at the top of your Michigan bucket list, especially if you are in the UP. 

Read on for the ultimate guide to one of Michigan’s must visit year around attractions!

Getting to Kitchitikipi?

kitch iti kipi

Kitchitikipi is located in Manistique, MI apart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This Upper Peninsula Gem is apart of Palm Brooks State Park and regularly apart of any visitors day trip in the UP. 

Directions to Kitch Iti Kipi from Marquette:

  • Take 41 South out of Marquette and follow until you hit Highway 2 
  • Follow Highway 2 E to Highway 13
  • Highway 13 to M149 N
  • Follow local signs
  • Travel Time: 1:30 Minutes

What is Kitchitikipi?

kitch iti kipi

Kitchitikipi is Michigan’s largest freshwater spring and is also one of the most popular destinations in the entire state! The majestic turqouise waters will mesmerize all and makes for an unforgettable experience. Peeking into the incredibly clear springs, you will be entranced by the fallen tree trunks and different variety of fishes such as Lake Trout, Brown Trout, and Brook Trout.

Kitchitikipi is also referred to as “The Big Spring” bubbles up more than 10,000 gallons every minute from it’s limestone fissures! This constant flow of water keeps the temperature at 45 degrees and therefore NEVER freezes over.

How to pronounce this tongue twister? 

KitchITI-kip-e. This tongue twister will provide you with a tranquil experience you can boast about to your friends!

Kitchitikipi's Best Time to Visit

kitch iti kipi

The Best time to visit Kitchitikipi is whenever you can!

This Upper Peninsula attraction is amazing in all seasons but plan wisely as spring/summer months can be packed! Although it’s easy to navigate the scenic area with crowds, the tranquility and solitude when empty only enhances any visit!

If you are going to be photographing this majestic gem, I highly recommend you go during the winter months. The snow adds a lovely element to all photos with the surrounding trees being covered.

BEST Things to Do at Kitchitikipi

kitch iti kipi
kitch iti kipi
  • Use the self operated raft that transports visitors into the center of the tranquil pond. This is an absolute must so you can witness the large trout and underwater fissures releasing water into the pond below.
  • Slow down and soak in the geology of what’s happening below
  • Have a picnic and swing on the swings at the surrounding park area. This is a great place for a Michigan family road trip.
  • Get a souvenir from the gift shop
  • Photograph one of the most mesmerizing bodies of water in all of the United States!

Kitch iti Kipi FAQ

kitch iti kipi

Kitchitikipi is open during the Covid 19/Coronavirus Pandemic

  • There is no swimming at Kitchitikipi. There is also no kayaking.

Kitchitikipi is dog friendly but all dogs must be kept on a leash.

You can park at Kitchitikipi in all seasons. There is a plethora of available spots but the lots gets busy during the tourists seasons of spring and summer. Because people ordinarily don't stay very long, traffic flow is quick.

The cost of entry at Kitchitikipi is $9 for single day use and free for Michigan registered cars. Bathrooms are available and food vendors are present during warmers months.

There is no camping at Kitchitikipi, but there are campgrounds in the surrounding area! Book in advance in summer as campgrounds fill up fast. If you can't find one in the surrounding area, there will most definitely be one within 30 minutes! 

Drones are not allowed at Kitchitikipi! Yes you have seen the photos but they are illegal and you will get fined by park rangers if caught in action.

You should allocate about 30 minutes to enjoy Kitchitikipi Springs. You can easily stay longer, but if you are going to take the raft out and enjoy the rest of the area, 30 minutes minimum.


  • Michigan Vacation rentals can be hard to come by in peak season so book early if you can. Northern Michigan Cabin rentals are a commodity for those looking for those UP North Michigan experiences.

Best Things Near Kitch iti kipi

Because this is a popular spot whether heading in or out of the UP, travelers should plan accordingly. For those just starting their trip and heading to Marquette or Munising make sure to visit these spots to maximize your time:

Laughing Whitefish Falls – This is the Best waterfall near Kitchitikipi heading towards Marquette. Don’t skip this one. 1 Hour North. There are other waterfalls in the area but I wouldn’t bother seeing them

Marquette + Munising – Most people will head to these spots before or after a trip here and you definitely should! Here are the directions:

  • Kitch-iti-kipi to Munising: Take 149 S to M94 and be there in about one hour.  The ideal route would be to stop in Munising and experience some lovely waterfalls before making your way to Marquette.

THE LEGEND OF Kitchitkipi (Exploring the North)

“Kitch-iti-kipi was supposedly a young chieftain whose girlfriend got the best of him. He told her he loved her far above the other dark-haired maidens dancing near his birchbark wigwam. “Prove it,” she insisted. As a test of his devotion, she declared that he must set sail in his canoe on the pool deep in the conifer swamp. He was to catch her from his canoe as she leaped from an overhanging bough. His canoe tipped over as he was looking for her, while she was back at her village laughing with the other indian maidens about his silly quest.

According to legend the Spring was named Kitch-iti-kipi in memory of the young chieftain who went to his death in the icy waters in an attempt to satisfy the vain caprice of his ladylove

Best Upper Peninsula of Michigan Attractions

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has too many things to do in one trip. For people who want to maximize their time in this incredible region, please come prepared. Too many times we see people kicking themselves for not being prepared! 

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