Paramo De Oceta- 1 of Colombia’s Amazing Hikes [Photos]

Nestled in the hillsides of the Boyacan department is the charming colonial Puebla of Monguí. Monguí is rich with lovely scenery and even better, lightly visited. Because of it’s trickled through tourism, this gateway city to the Paramo de Oceta, is welcoming and gorgeous. This Paramo has been described as the most beautiful Paramo in the world. Interesting to read, but what the hell is a Paramo?

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The Paramo is the ecosystem above the continuous forest line, yet below the permanent snow line. Something like this…

How common are these ecosystems?

Colombia is one of only 3 countries in the world with this ecosystem & plays home to more than 60% of the global population.

Paramo De Oceta

What can you expect to see within this gorgeous landscape?

The Paramo De Oceta provides a variety of floral, fauna & animals, but the most recognizable feature by far, are the Frailejons. These plants are an integral member to Colombia’s population and ecosystem as they trap and supply the majority of the water supply to Colombia.

Paramo De Oceta

The animals that you might see in the Paramo but probably not, are worth the trek itself. They include:

  • White tailed Deer
  • Spectacled Bear
  • Andean condors
  • Reptiles
  • Many more.

The majority of wildlife take to the sky, with more than 69 different bird species.

Paramo De Oceta

How Long is the Paramo de Oceta hike?

As it it with hiking, it’s all dependent on your groups skill level and weather conditions. You will start at about 9am & be done around 4pm. To be honest, the beginning of the hike was uneventful with not much stimulus which got me thinking if this was a waste of time. However, like a fine 1973 Cabernet Sauvignon, you need to exercise patience.

Paramo De Oceta

About 2 hours in, the Paramo finally springs to life. Patience is critical to reap this magnificent scenery.

Paramo De Oceta

& the most asked question in Mongui is….

Do I need a Guide for Paramo De Oceta?

Paramo De Oceta

Well it depends. Most locals will say you do but you really dont. However, I have heard & read numerous stories of people going without guides and being stopped by locals claiming it’s their land & to proceed you must have a guide.

Entonces……. It’s up to you.

I recommend a guide & for about 40 mil pesos, it’s worthwhile. Although there is a well marked path there are numerous breaks & ways to the trial that could lead you to a head dizzying disaster. Also, these guys know the lay of the land and will maximize your time & enjoyment.

Where is Mongui and how do I get here?

Monguí is roughly 3 hours from Bogota making this a simple weekend trip or a solid destination to warm yourself up to the Boyacá region. If you’re returning to Bogota or just arriving to Bogota, below covers most of what you can expect in the concrete jungle.

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