Cold Water Therapy in Lake Superior: Try it Now

cold water therapy

Cold Water Diaries (12/20/20)

  • Water Temperature: Cold. 38 F
  • Air Temperature: 30F
  • Time in Water: 4 Minutes 

Today was the largest gathering yet for a Cold Water Therapy session here in Marquette, MI. Although it was the largest gathering we’ve had, we only had 2 swimmers partake. 

Nonetheless it was a magical morning as it was Natalie’s first time doing a cold water swim! As always, we left the water feeling liberated, refreshed, and chilly! She was adamant in her scheduling for the next swim! As for me, I can’t wait for more

cold water therapy
lake swim
cold swimming
cold water therapy in marquette
lake superior cold

All photos captured by the talented Tieka! Learn more about her at her blog Selective Potential

Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

There are a myriad of benefits associated with Cold Exposure but here are a few I will touch on:

  • Enhanced Immunity 
  • Increased Metabolic Rate 
  • Stress Resilience 
  • Energy Enhancement 
These are only a handful of benefits of what Cold Water Therapy can do for you. If you want to learn more, shoot me a message or join me for a cold water swim!

Beginner Tips for Cold Water Practice

As I guided Natalie today through her first time into Lake Superior (at these temperatures) I began thinking about how beginners should approach this kind of activity. Here are some beginner tips for anyone starting any type of Cold water immersion.

  • Start Slow – Don’t be comparing yourself to your teacher or someone who dragged you out for the activity. Your resistance to the cold won’t be on the same level as the person who does it daily.
  • Listen to your body – The #1 trick for adapting to the cold is understanding the signals your body is hinting to you. Like above, start slow. Once you experiment you will notice your body adapting and becoming a much more well oiled machine. 
  • Come Prepared – If it’s a lake you’re swimming at and the outside temperatures aren’t particularly welcoming, have items ready to warm you up. These include: Towel, something to stand on, gloves, and jacket.
  • Breathe! – This is the #1 tip for every and anyone. You are only as good as your last breath. Relax your body and mind with a breathing routine and continue breathing while immersed. Hyperventilating is the last thing any newbie or seasoned veteran wants.
These are only a handful of benefits of what Cold Water Therapy can do for you. If you want to learn more, shoot me a message or join me for a cold water swim!

Best Lake Superior Beaches to Swim in

Aside from McCarty’s Cove where I swim daily, Lake Superior has some amazing spots to practice cold water therapy. Here are some popular beaches you can dip into the frigid waters of Lake Superior today

  • 12 Mile Beach 
  • Chapel Beach 

Upper Peninsula of Michigan Photographer

Are you convinced yet to join? It takes time to build up courage I understand. Until then you can book me for any of your photography projects or BUY one of my PHOTOS

If you’re heading this way and need travel ideas, take a look at my Michigan resources page to where you can find all the best things to do in Marquette and the UP. 

Thank you for reading and looking forward to connecting/swimming with you soon!

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