Live View Mode might be a distant term for some while others are well versed. Either way, these questions seem to always pop up when talking about photo capturing

  • How do you get your photos too look a certain way?
  • How do you make your photos so sharp?
  • What are you using/doing to ensure your photos are in focus?

Well, one way is with LIVE VIEW MODE

What is Live View Mode?

live view mode

Live View Mode is a camera casting the live image onto it’s LCD screen. Whereas when you look through your optical viewfinder, the image is transmitted through the body off of a mirror. That is where the term DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) comes into play. There are a range of reasons why I love shooting with Live View so here we go

Live View Mode: 5 Things I Love About it

  • Expanded Focus Areas
  • Zoom
  • Composing
  • Tap to Focus
  • Flexibility

Expanded Focus Areas

live view mode

Some cameras like my Nikon D750, have limited focus or clustered focus points when using the optical viewfinder. When my Live View is activated I’m able to expand the boundaries and precisely focus on my subject if it does lie outside my focus point area. Instead of being constricted to a small zone, I have a whole screen of focus points to choose from.


live view mode zoom

This is my favorite and most used feature of Live View Mode. Find your subject and zoom in to your desired magnification. From there its a matter of focusing manually or letting AF play its role. This is where you will really start getting your photos tack sharp. The easiest way to know if your subject is in focus (Nikon users and pretty sure most other camera system) is if you see a green ring around the subject. IF it’s red, the subject isn’t in focus and you will have to continue to keep hunting for it.


live view mode composition

For me, composing on the LCD screen is far easier than the viewfinder, primarily for landscapes. Keeping your eye off the camera itself allows you eye to find a more natural composition that you can translate into the LCD. This won’t make your image sharper but it can assist in making a better shot.

Tap to Focus

Most of the newer cameras to date are equipped with tap to focus. Simply touch the screen on your subject and lickity split your subject is in focus. My Nikon D750 does not have the Tap to Focus feature, but other cameras I love to shoot with (Fujifilm XT20/30) offer it. Tap to focus is an excellent feature for those shooters who have shaky hands.


live view mode reflection

Using Live View Mode widens your ability to shoot otherwise hard or impossible shots. For example fire up the camera and hang your camera blindly over a fence and hope for the best is a surefire way for a blur. Activate the LCD and see what you’re shooting. Other examples, Puddles or just putting the camera in a lower slot.


Do you shoot with Live View Mode? Do you utilize any of these tips to help get clearer and sharper images? Let me know and if there is anything else that could be added to the list, drop it in the comments below!

More than Live View Mode

So now you might be thinking, what is the best lens for the Nikon D750 ? The answer depends on the photographer! If you’re shooting Real Estate with the Nikon D750, a wider lens will prove better. To really nail those Nikon D750 settings, know what you’re shooting first!

For me, I primarily shoot landscapes. If you need any advice on where to find the best Nikon Lens for Landscape photography, check out

What Camera are you shooting with now?

With the advancement of technology in 2020, DSLRS, mirrorless, and smartphones are flooding the markets. What is your current camera set up?

Sony A7? Sony A6400? Fujifilm XT-3 or the Fujifilm XT-4?

Have you ever used the Nikon D750? Was there any things you weren’t fond of? Some people out there have dealt with a Nikon D750 recall but other than that, no problems.

Thanks for reading all about one of my favorite shooting modes. What’s your favorite way too shoot? If anyone is heading my way let me know and lets link up too shoot. Michigan has some amazing sights and delights so let me know if you’re in the area! If you’re in the are and need a photographer for a special event, new portraits or guided tours, contact me here and we can bring your idea to fruition.

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  1. Great tips – thanks for sharing! Also, I recognized the old Coast Guard Station at McCarty’s Cove (formerly, Michigan Beach) in Marquette. A wonderful area!

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