Breweries in Marquette, Michigan to Visit NOW (2021)

Breweries in Marquette, MI Overview

Blackrocks Brewery

breweries in marquette

Blackrocks is the unanimous choice for beer drinkers and is certainly a must stop spot in Marquette. Located on the corner of Third and E Michigan, Blackrocks pushes out a wide selection of Beer that will suit any visitors taste buds. From their iconic 51K IPA to their Grand Rabbits Cream Ale, Blackrocks has a beer for everyone. 

Summertime drinking takes place on the spacious decks while winter provides the cozy interior and two insulated snowglobes outside. Blackrocks brewery hours are 2-10 pm as of September 2020

Address: 424 N 3rd St, Marquette, MI 49855

Ore Dock Brewing

marquette michigan breweries

Ore Dock is another one of the main breweries in Marquette and for plenty of reasons. A wide selection of beers but also a vast amount of space. Their downstairs bar provides guests with a well decorated converted warehouse feel that is an excellent place to gather for any event. 

Another selling point on the Ore Dock is their upstairs bar/event space area. The space operates as one of the top choices to host events and also features foosball and ample room to grab a table and relax. Anyone who visits Microbreweries will love this cozy cabin type feel.


Address: 114 W Spring St, Marquette, MI 49855

Barrel + Beam - Farmhouse Ales

breweries in marquette

Barrel and Beam is just outside the city in comparison to the rest of the list here. Up Highway 41 tucked away behind some of the name brand stores, Barrel and Beam is a quaint gem. Barrel and Beam focuses on Farmhouse and Barrel Aged ales that will delight your tastebuds. What they make up for in location is made up for in aesthetics and quality. Don’t sleep on these guys as the barn and cabin aesthetic is right on point with their beers.

Address: 260 Northwoods Rd, Marquette, MI 49855

Drifa Brewing

Drifa Brewing

Drifa is the newest Marquette brewery on the scene. With the closest proximity to Lake Superior, Drifa makes it easy for anyone riding on the Shoreline trail or coming from South Beach. Drifa is Michigan’s first Co-Op owner craft brewery and one of 12 in the nation!

They have a wonderful space including Televisions, couches and a long single bar. Drifa is a Norse word meaning “snowfall or snowdrift”. Don’t let this small, 4 barrel brewery drift away on your radar.

Pro Tip: Drifa has adapted to the Covid-19 Pandemic by offering Greenhouse table reservations. Reserve for 1.5 hours and enjoy a heated greenhouse on the shores of Lake Superior! 

Address: 501 S Lake St, Marquette, MI 49855

The Vierling

The Vierling is one of Marquette’s oldest and most recognized restaurants. Not only do they operate as a restaurant, but also as a small batch brewery. Their small batch brewing system allows them fast product turnover to serve some of the freshest beers in town. Some notable favorites include their pale ale and a surprisingly refreshing Blueberry Wheat. Located just off of Washington street, the Vierling has a perfect location to grab a pint and then meander down to the Lake.

Address: 119 S Front St, Marquette, MI 49855

Other Breweries in Marquette County

Just outside of Marquette in Ishpeming, roughly 15 minutes away, are two more breweries.

  • Cognition Brewing
  • Jasper Ridge

Aside from these Breweries, Marquette has many other places to get your beer drinking on. If you need to know the details of these other Marquette bars, you can message me or wait until I put up a post about where to find some more suds.

Whether or not you came up to Marquette to drink, there are plenty of other activities to keep yourself busy. If you need some adventure outside of the bars, go check nature and hike some of Marquette’s best trails. If it’s caffeine you’re in need of, here are some of Marquette’s best cafes you cant miss.

Breweries in Marquette Info

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