Marquette Waterfalls: The Best Waterfalls in Marquette NOW

Michigan Waterfalls

Marquette is home to some of the states best hikes and outdoor activities. These activities include some wonderful waterfalls that everyone , tourist and local alike, should experience in their lifetime. Here is a list of all the Marquette Waterfalls that are available to you throughout the year

1) Morgan Falls

marquette waterfalls

Morgan Falls is Marquette’s easiest waterfall to access and easiest waterfall to get to. Situated just outside of town across from Marquette Mountain, Morgan Falls does not require much effort to get to. Simply follow a low incline utility road and then take a flight of stairs down to this beauty. 

High reward and little effort on this 2.8 mile roundtrip hike. If you want a a more scenic route, take the Carp EH Diem trail (bike trail) and you will be amidst trees rather than just the utility road.

2) Dead River Falls

My favorite of the waterfalls on this Marquette waterfalls list is Dead River Falls. More like a collection of different sized waterfalls, Dead River Falls is one of my favorite places in the entire UP to spend a day. Cliff jumping, fishing, relaxing, this Marquette hike has it all!

3) Yellow Dog Falls

marquette waterfalls

Yellow Dog Falls is another quality waterfall that you should venture to on the Marquette Waterfalls list. This one is the farthest to get too but does have some nice size and water flow to it. It’s not my favorite (maybe because my dog was going crazy this day) but it is definitely worthwhile.

4) Little Garlic Falls

marquette waterfalls

Little Garlic Falls is the most strenuous falls to get to on this list. One, this waterfall requires you to tackle an 8 mile roundtrip hike and you have to drive about 25 minutes out of town to reach the trailhead. If you opt for the easier route, you can make the 8 mile hike a 2 mile roundtripper. 

Explore More than just Marquette Waterfalls

What waterfall is your favorite in Marquette County? Have you been to all of these waterfalls in Marquette? If so, which one would you recommend first to a friend? If you need any other travel help while in Michigan, let me be your Michigan Trip Planner

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