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Mexico Travel: Put Mexico on your Radar

Mexico travel should be a priority for you if it isn’t already. The sights, sounds, flavors, and culture will have you begging for more time in this country. Here are some of my favorite shots from my 2 months throughout this massive country. If media portrayals of excessive violence and unsafe conditions are influencing your decision, let them go. But do be cautious of where you are going. Just like ANYWHERE, danger is around any corner but by staying out of certain regions where most tourists won’t go anyway, you are sure to have an excellent adventure.

All of my shots featured in this post come from four different regions of the country

  • Mexico City
  • Puebla
  • Oaxaca &
  • Chiapas

For those interested in traveling throughout Mexico, here is a breakdown of where I’ve been lucky enough to roam.

Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the worlds largest cities. Apart of it’s mass size is it’s massive population. If you don’t care about huge cities and traffic, Mexico City has so much to offer. Fine dining in 5 star restaurants complemented by some of the worlds best street food. Buzzing nightlife and an endless amount of museums. Mexico City is a definite destination for any city lover.


About 3 hours southeast of Mexico City, sits Puebla. Puebla is Mexicos fourth largest city and is one of the countries most significant. Puebla is also saturated with Churches, over 365 of them. One for every day of the year. 


Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s least economically developed regions. What it makes up for in economic matters, it over delivers in natural offerings. Oaxaca is home to Puerto Escondido, or as surfers globally know it, one of the best waves of the world. Surfers flock here for the giant swell and cheap lifestyle while more and more folks are discovering some other hidden beauties on it’s shores.


Chiapas is Mexico’s furthest region south. The department is Economically impoverished but its people and scenery are lovely. The mainstay of Chiapas, San Cristobal de la Casas, is a mountain town that will take your breath away (literally) sitting around 7200 ft above sea level. The community is made up of local artists and an abundance of small shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Most of my pictures that come from Mexico are from Markets, Beaches, Museums, Buildings, & food. With the gastronomy of this country its hard to not capture any type of food that is put in front of you. As the pictures upload you shall see what colorful, unfamiliar, caliente, and what other adjective you want to fill in the blank with will come along.

Do you have a favorite part of Mexico I missed or have a memory from any region I mentioned? If so, don’t forget to drop a line and let others know where the best of the best is at

Mexico Travel and More

Looking for more information regarding Mexico travel? Here is one of my favorite pieces I’ve written about Mexico City . If you want to dive deeper, send me a message or drop a comment below. I hope you decide to make your way to Mexico because you are missing out on a lot. Culture, food, beaches, and just about everything and anything you can think of.

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