Welcome to another piece about one of my favorite Michigan Hikes in Marquette. A city full of scenic hikes and a state of even more. Looks like you’re searching for a Michigan hike to get your dose of nature today eh? Well follow along as we explore a classic coastline trail.

Michigan Hikes: Wetmore Landing Trail

Length: 3.6 Miles Out and Back 

Difficulty: Easy 

Scenery: Spectacular

Elevation Gain: 347 Feet

Pet Friendly: Dogs on Leash

Parking: Paid Lot/Roadside

This trail is one of my favorite easy Michigan hikes for sure. The hike has two routes that you can choose from. These two routes are:

  • Wetmore Landing to Little Presque Route (North Route) or
  • Little Presque to Wetmore Landing (South Route) 

The routes are identical because it is an out and back hike. The only difference is where you prefer to park your car. Maybe the parking lot is full at Wetmore so you prefer to park down by Little Presque or vice versa. 

Wetmore Landing Trailhead

Simply follow the only path from the parking lot down to Wetmore Landing (assuming we are taking the North Route). Once you have arrived at the trail, make a left and follow the trail hugging the shoreline. You can also follow the path to the beach and walk left until the beach meets the shoreline too.

Wetmore Landing to Hidden Beach

michigan hikes

Continuing on the trail you will follow this for about 1 Mile before coming to a set of stairs. This is probably the hardest part of the hike but its incredibly easy. However, before venturing up, take path to the right and make your way to the gorgeous and secluded, Hidden Beach. If you’re fortunate you might have it all to yourself. 

Hidden Beach Viewpoint

Whether or not you go down to Hidden Beach, the trail must go on. Above the staircase and around the bend, is the glorious Hidden Beach Viewpoint. Stop for a few shots and keep cruising the trail. You’ll eventually find yourself at another staircase that will lead you closer to Little Presque. 

Little Presque Isle Arrival

The trail will come to an end and a viewpoint of Little Presque Isle. Depending on the season and conditions, you might have a shot of making your way there but for as many times I’ve done this trail, I’ve never timed it right. Stop and take in the scenery, reapply some sunscreen and head back on the same trail you came in on. I prefer this return hike as you get to look out towards Marquette and soak in a bit more scenery but too each their own.

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