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Weekend Getaway: Santa Cruz

The weekend is approaching and you want to escape for a few days but where to go? North to Point Reyes and the beautiful Mendocino coast? Lake Tahoe and Truckee for some fresh alpine air? South to Big Sur? All great choices […]

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day & Oakland Drone

  Yes, here is another one from the gem of the Bay, Lake Merritt. Not sure what brought you here but enjoy the views while they last. All hands, feet, and arms must be kept inside the fully autonomous drone at all […]

Lake Merritt Drone and upcoming Bay Area events

Grand Lake Theatre Overlook of Lake Merritt   For those who don’t have access to my instagram @errythang_19 here is a recent video i threw together of a pull back over Grand Lake Theatre. Fancying a visit to the historic theatre or […]

Oakland & the Bay Areas best sunrise/sunset spots

With great location comes great opportunities for scenic moments. This is a collection of some of my favorite spots I’ve had the chance to frequent over the years. With these spots listed your eyes will be happy they rose early or extended […]

Katchafire live @ Cornerstone Berkeley

Katchafire. No these guys are not arsonists but they do bring the flame with their electric reggae sound. Hailing from Hamilton, New Zealand, these Kiwis are a testament to timeless reggae spirit. Turning the clocks back, these guys started as a Bob […]

Some of my favorite shots from Backpacking Mexico

If Mexico isn’t on your radar or if it is, you should make it a priority to visit to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of this diverse country. Here are some of my favorite shots from my 2 months throughout […]

Oakland’s Kaiser Rooftop Garden

Whether or not you are from the Bay, there’s a good shot you haven’t been to Kaisers Rooftop Garden. Situated on the 5th floor of Kaisers parking structure, this hidden gem shines bright like a diamond (Rihanna, yes). Take a nap, snap […]

Oakland Street Art

If your eyes have been open while cruising the streets of Oakland, you’ve definitely had the chance to take in some pretty incredible art. Aside from the art being so moving, the artists themselves really come to life when getting the chance […]

Lake Merritt Warriors Parade Day

Rolling through Oakland its almost guaranteed that you will see or hear something that will make you smile or catch your attention. A city of energy and eclectic characters fill the streets and undoubtedly carries on wherever they may roam.¬†A few days […]

Best of the Best around Lake Merritt

The Jewel of Oakland, Lake Merritt, encompasses 155 acres of land with a circumference of 3.4 miles. It’s clear to most locals that Lake Merritt is so much more than an estuary, but a gorgeous¬†area for events, an excellent spot for photography […]

Bay Bridge Drone

When the sun is shining & the weather is sweet, the Bay Area is a hard place to beat. A shining star when the weather is right, the Bay Bridge, which connects two important cities, is also home to Treasure Island. Enjoy […]