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OC Drone Compilation

Short video that i threw together that may or may not get you through your work day. Either way if you’re not able to be in this part of the world, here is a glimpse of what you’re missing.  

San.d Clemente… by drone

San Clemente,CA. one of my favorites cities along the California PCH. If you have a chance or are in the area make it a priority to stop into this surf town. Flooded with multiple breaks along the coast surfers appetites will be […]

Oakland Unknown

How many times have you passed the giant cranes on the Bay Bridge wondering if you could get a closer glimpse of the majestic steel beasts? Well turns out you can, if you know how to get there. This lesser known spot […]

Oaklands Lake Merritt by Drone

A majority of what I shoot and where I shoot is in and of Oakland, CA. For those who enjoy architecture and stunning scenery in a relatively small area, come & take a peek. The architecture of Oakland has developed in recent […]

Oakland Drone

Took the bird, DJI Mavic, out for a sunset tour around Jack London Square and ended up with these beauties. It was my first flight in this area but a well deserved one. Do you have a favorite place to watch the […]

Lake Merritt, “The Jewel of Oakland”

Lake Merritt may or may not ring a bell for a Bay Area local. In recent years its popularity has grown as the likes of Oakland has with an uprising of new bars, restaurants, and places to live. Here’s why “The Lake”, […]

Oakland Drone

Here are some shots of the Federal Building in Oakland, CA. This borders downtown Oakland & West Oakland. For those who are not aware of this city, get yourself here for a taste of the bay with colorful people, food & sights. […]

Superbowl Sunday

Eagles fly to victory and drones provide visual assistance. Just take a look below. Hold on tight for more shots and news from up above. (Orange County)