Guatape Day Trip: The Must Do, Self-Guided Tour Now

Guatape Day TripEverything you need to know to visit without the use of a guide or tour group

El Penol, Guatape
  • Are you a backpacking Medellin? Well if so, lucky you.
  • Are you planning to visit Guatape? If so, you’re on the right path.
  • Have you only allotted yourself one day for the gorgeous natural scenery of the charming Guatape puebla? ….

Not a problem because like that time Bob Marley stated, “don’t worry about a thing because every little thing, is guna be alright”

In this Post, I will outline an ideal Guatape Day Trip, in the city of a million colors (Guatape is not actually called this, but you’ll understand once you have been)

Getting to Guatape

Guatape is VERY EASY to get too on your own. Don’t let the tour operators or hostels tell you it isn’t too take more money out of your pocket. Here’s how you do it:

  • Take the metro, bus, taxi, Uber, walk, heelys, razor, motorbike, roller blades, skateboard or any other form of transit to the Caribe (North Station)
  • Buy your one way ticket from window 9 or 14. The ticket should be about 12 million Colombian pesos. (Not sure of current prices)
  • Find your bus & enjoy the 2 hour scenic ride. You’ll know you’re close when the city becomes farmland and you can see the giant rock

What to do on a Guatape Day Trip

La Piedra del Penol. Aka the giant rock. Aka self best view in the world. This viewing platform is 700 stairs to the top. Yes, 700 stairs. It’s way up there. Hopefully you get there a bit early, before 11 because the crowds will be dizzying.

When to Visit Guatape

You should visit Guatape as early as possible. Although it’s only 2 hours away you want to maximize your time in one of Colombia’s most popular Pueblas . It’s also advantageous to be in Guatape before the hoards of other folks who are going for the main tourist draw, La Piedra del penol.

Explore Guatape City Center

Once you have enjoyed your safe ascent & descent, make your way into town for 5-10,000 Colombian Pesos (not sure of current rate) from the rock. About 10 minutes later you will arrive in the main plaza. Feast upon the colors before you.

Speaking of feast, you’ve definitely worked up your appetite from that trip up EL Penol. Here are some Guatape Restaurants to consider:

  • Kushbu Indian Cuisine. Sam the chef, who has lived worldwide, is generous, gregarious, open & charming. Great place to have lunch on a Guatape day trip & don’t forget to ask about his travels.
  • Thai Terrace – Above one of the hostels in town with excellent Thai food
  • Anywhere on the water to soak in the views


Getting Around Guatape

Guatape is compact, & simple to navigate. Make your way to the plaza & marvel at the fountain & church which will become your landmark to work around. Walk the streets & admire the vuelos that line each door front, business and bar.

What is a vuelo? Look at these pictures below


Need a pick me up or just a second to relax those dogs after the overwhelming amount of colors you will be seeing? Grab a cup of Colombian coffee from artisan roaster, Black Hole Coffee, at their storefront or mobile bicycle stand. Excellent quality & also a provider of delicious ice creams. It’s probably going to be hot, so a little break in the shade never hurts.

What Else to do on a Guatape Day Trip

So what’s next? Some other popular activities in Guatape include:

  • Bike Tours. Tours go around the exterior of the city to hidden lagoons and waterfalls of San Rafael
  • Boating
  • Jet skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Taking photos

Dinner/Happy Hour Before Departure

If you want to refuel before heading back to Medellín you’ve got options. Head over to Thai Terrace for their happy hour from 5:30-7:30 & be appalled about how lucky you are to be eating some incredible Thai food tucked away in the Colombian hillsides.

Guatape to Medellin Return Trip

Say your goodbyes to Guatape & get back to the bus terminal for your ride home. Located a block away from the city plaza you’ll be sad you didn’t stay longer. Busses are frequent and cost the same as your price getting there. But if you are staying longer, check out some other options for you to enjoy your time in this charming place.

More than Guatape

Have you ever done a Guatape Day Trip? Where else would you recommend that I didn’t list?

If you need anymore help with Guatape, please read my other Guatape Guides. Interested in what other activities you can make the most of in Medellin?

These are only a bit of what’s available but should have you covered because it’s a lot of information to choose from. If you want a tailored tour or more info, please reach out to me directly and I can set you up with a fine tuned itinerary that will maximize your time in this wonderful country.

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