Welcome to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! Yes we are way UP here. Now that you have made it to the land of where about 3% of the states population lives, let’s find where the beer is flowing. Here is the 2020 look into all of the Upper Peninsula Breweries that are available to you.

Upper Peninsula Breweries List 2020



Ore Dock 

Barrel and Beam 


The Vierling



Jasper Ridge


East Channel Brewing 

By George Brewing

Shooters Firehouse


Upper Hand 

Hereford & Hops


Mackinaw Trail Winery and Brewery

Manistique on the Harbor

Grand Marais 

The Dunes Saloon Lake Superior Brewing Company


Tahquamenon Falls Brewery

Sault Ste. Marie

Soo Brewing Company

1668 Winery and Lockside Brewery


Les Cheneaux Distillers


Cold Iron Brewing


Keweenaw Brewing Company Taproom

The Library


Red Jacket Brewing Company

Copper Harbor

Brickside Brewery


Alpha Brewing Company

How many Upper Peninsula breweries are there?

There are more than 20 Breweries in the Upper Peninsula in 2020! The highest density of breweries operate out of Marquette, which is also the largest city in the UP.

What is the most recognized Brewery in the UP?

One of the most popular breweries in the UP that you can’t miss is Blackrocks Brewery in Marquette. They have an amazing selection of beer paired with a lovely corner house that was converted into a brewpub. There are plenty of others but Blackrocks is one that resonates the most with and a majority of others.


More than Upper Peninsula Breweries in 2020

As much joy as Beer and the experience the breweries provide themselves, don’t forget to get out and see the rest of the UP. If you need some ideas on what to do when traveling UP here, check out my guides below. If you have any questions or need a personalized tours, CONTACT ME HERE and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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