Valle De Cocora, I love you. Salento, I love you too. If i’m right, you will too! This is the spot for anyone and everyone. Nature enthusiasts cup will overflow, while the other portion of travelers will be searching for ways to stay longer. Taking the journey & hiking through the valley is a must, must do. The saying in Salento goes, “If the Wax Palm Trees don’t keep you here, the coffee will.” Actually that’s not what they say but enjoy some scenery I was able to capture.

Salento Valle de Cocora Wax Palm Trees
Start counting
Salento Valle de Cocora Wax Palm Trees
Some of the tallest
Salento Valle de Cocora Wax Palm Trees
Weather change
Salento Valle de Cocora Wax Palm Trees
Salento Valle de Cocora Wax Palm Trees
Salento Valle de Cocora Wax Palm Trees

Getting to Valle De Cocora

Getting here is the easy part, leaving is the challenging aspect. Take a Willy Jeep for 3 million COP from the Primera Parque center & 20 minutes later you are a matter of minutes from some of Colombia’s most pristine nature. Can it get any better than this? Yes, keep reading or browsing the scenery

Salento Valle de Cocora Wax Palm Trees

Weather in Valle De Cocora

Like anywhere, the weather can vary and drastically alter an experience. I experienced just about every variability of weather besides snow. There was the rain that would come and go at a moments notice. Sun that shined and quickly usurped the rain. Fog that lingered on the hillsides allowing dramatic displays of color contrasts. The fog that made this constant game of peekaboo with the wax palms tree tops. All together it was a blessing to have a mix of all weather types in such a special place.

Have you been to Salento? What was your experience like? There is much more to do in Salento that just visiting the magnificent Palm trees. Some popular activities that many other visitors engage in include:

  • Coffee Tours
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
Salento, Colombia
Salento, Colombia

Valle De Cocora and Then Some!

What else can I do in Colombia other than my trip to the wonderful Salento region? Well, a whole lot of other things! Follow some of my guides below to navigate the rest of the country and maximize your time in this amazing country.

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More Salento Hiking

If you need help planning your Colombia trip or need help during your trip, please reach out! I know how overwhelming things can be while you’re on the road or just starting to gather all of your resources for a trip. Avoid the confusion and headaches and let me help guide your ultimate getaway.

Until then, I hope to hear from you or see you on the road or in my country! Stay wild and keep exploring.

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