Waikiki Surfing: Everything you need to know in 2021

Aloha. Welcome to Hawaii and the start of your Waikiki surfing adventure. I’m guessing you have made your way to Hawaii for the translucent warm waters and to catch a few waves. Perfect! You are in the right spot.

Waikiki Surfing: Where to Catch Your Next Wave Guide

Waikiki Surfing

Waikiki is home to the majority of tourism in Hawaii and its easy to understand why. Lovely beaches, endless shopping and a plethora of nightlife and dining options. 

Waikiki is also home to some easy surf that is perfect for beginners and enjoyable for all types of surfers. Let’s begin so you can get yourself a few party waves.

Where to Rent a Surfboard in Waikiki

Waikiki Surfing

Before you rent any gear in Waikiki, make sure you check price points at all spots if you want to ensure you aren’t overpaying. Here are some popular places to rent a surfboard in Waikiki:

  • Hawaii Surfboard Rentals
  • Moku
  • Dive Oahu
  • Polynesian Hostel
  • or a handful of other spots.

Waikiki Surfboard Rentals:

  • Moku. A few blocks from the beach, Moku has knowledgeable and friendly employees that provide solid boards and good rental rates
  • Polynesian Hostel is a popular hostel only two blocks from Waikiki beach and they can set you up for $12/day if you’re a guest and $15 if not.

Waikiki Surf Breaks/Spots

Waikiki Surfing

In Waikiki the main Surf Breaks are:

  • Pops
  • Queens
  • Canoes

All of these will vary upon conditions but generally will stay similar in size. Waikiki is blessed with plenty of small, leisurely waves that make up the beachfront, so access is quick and easy. Best bet is to head to the beach and evaluate conditions and see what fits your ability.

If you’re still unsure, ask any outfitter or someone who looks like they have some surfing knowledge. For a more accurate Waikiki Surf Report, look at the Waikiki Surf Cam

How big are the waves in Waikiki?

The waves in Waikiki tend to be around 2-4 feet. The waves are gentle, fun, and provide nice long rides. The sizes usually are in the few foot range and really meant for beginners or someone looking to get out and have some fun. They don’t call Waikiki home of the party wave for no reason.

Where can I get Surf Lessons in Waikiki?

Some of the Best Surf Lessons in Waikiki can be found with:

Private Surf Lessons in Waikiki cost around $150 for 1.5 hours with all gear included

Group Surf Lessons in Waikiki range around the $100 mark for 2 hours.

Prices will vary from spot to spot but this is a close average to most in the area. Prices tend to be pricier the closer a shop or outfitter is to the beach. 

Post Waikiki Surfing Session

Waikiki Surfing post surf

Grab a beer or some food and relish in your accomplishments of the day. Some solid places to grab a beer or a bite include:

  • Musubi Cafe IYASUME
  • ABC Stores
  • Paia Fish Market The $7 Taco and Beer combo at Paia Fish Market is one of the best food options in Honolulu. Shoutout Steggs for the big kine advice.
  • Foodland – Not the closest access in Waikiki but still doable

Other Oahu Surf Spots to Check Out

Waikiki surfing is suitable for any and all. The long, gentle breaks make perfect for beginners and just as much fun for advanced. One of the best parts of about surfing in Waikiki is the easy access with stunning views.

  • Ala Moana Bowls – Just outside the Waikiki Beach action
  • RockPiles
  • Kaiser Bowl
  • Diamond Head
  • North Shore – Pipeline , Chun’s Reef

Oahu Surfing and Travel Ideas

Have you surfed Waikiki before? What was your experience like? Need a bigger break or heading to the North Shore? Read 5 North Shore Stops You Wan’t To Make to discover the beauty of the north shore.

What else? Have you done any hiking while on Oahu? Oahu is home to some of the worlds most famous hikes and it would be a shame if you didn’t do at least one of them!

Oahu Trip Planner

Oahu Travel DEAL! THE BUS Pass!

Hawaii isn’t just one big island! If you are feeling the need to spread your wings and get a different island vibe, do it. Options seem endless here because the activities never stop. 

Slow down the pace on the Big Island or head to Maui for the internationally recognized, Road to Hana.

Thanks for reading and if you need help planning your Hawaii Adventure, please contact me!

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