Aloha! It looks like you’re heading to Hawaii? Awesome. You definitely picked the right destination. Now you want to save some money on your transportation, or just find a more economical route? Good. I don’t blame you. Hawaii is an expensive place to visit but if you practice some easy budget moves, it doesn’t have too be. Lets start with the Oahu Bus Pass travel deal steal.

oahu bus pass

Oahu has a staggering amount of tourists every day and every year. With these number, Rental car companies can really get competitive with their pricing and leave a hole in your pocket. This is not what we are searching for! If you are in the position to ditch the car, great, and if not no problem. Today you are going to learn about the $5.50 All DAY Oahu Bus Pass

The Bus

Download The Bus App and get rolling

Oahu Buss Pass Overview

The Bus on Oahu is:

  • Reliable
  • Clean
  • Frequent – quick enough and the hours are favorable. So where do we begin?

How much does the bus cost to ride?

A Single ride on the Oahu Bus will cost $2.25

An all day Oahu Bus pass will cost $5.50!

A Monthly Oahu Bus pass will cost about $70

If you are traveling on Oahu for at least a month, don’t know anyone, on a budget, and need to get around, the monthly pass is a steal! I think the daily pass is a steal too but on to the next one.

What are the Oahu Bus Routes ?

The Bus goes around the entire island of Oahu. The bus runs to the north shore but will take considerably longer than driving yourself. The bus also runs directly to the entrance of Diamond Head.

Waikiki to North Shore – Bus #83 / #52-83


Look at the Bus app and check updated and accurate times.

Where can I buy my Oahu Buss Pass?

You can buy your day pass ON THE BUS. If you are buying a monthly pass you will have to find a store on the island. (Foodland, Don Quijote, etc)

Is the Bus Safe?

YES! The Bus is safe. Just like anywhere, anything can happen anywhere at anytime. All sorts of life will ride the bus but the bus is safe.

When Does the Oahu Bus Start running in Honolulu?

The Bus starts at 6:30 and runs till about 10:20. Stops at 7 to Lanikai

How Often does the Oahu Bus come?

Timing is different for most stops but expect to be about 15-30 minutes variances.

Other Transportation Options

The Waikiki Trolley – $9 Day Pass , (Child $49 /Adult $75) for unlimited Rides for 7 days

4 Different Route Options with the Waikiki Trolley:

  • Scenic Tour
  • Historic Tour
  • Shopping Tour
  • Island Tour

Rental Car – Can be expensive but obviously the flexibility to go anywhere at anytime is valued.

TURO – I would rent from TURO and save a ton of money IF you needed a car. Find out more about TURO in the link

What else can I do in Hawaii?

At the end of the day, some of the best things to do on Oahu are free! For those budget travelers, I can’t recommend using this Bus enough. Spread the aloha and relax, you’re in Hawaii.

Need some help finding your way around the island and what to do? You can read some of my guides about some things you shouldn’t miss when making a trip to Oahu.

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