When people compare something to the Grand Canyon, you should probably be all ears. This place is in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and is nowhere near as grandeur, but is an amazing destination you need to experience for yourself. Keep reading to discover all about Michigan’s Canyon Falls and Gorge

Canyon Falls and Gorge Travel Guide

Getting to the Gorge

Canyon Falls and Gorge is found off of Highway 41 in Baraga County, roughly 10 minutes from L’anse. The parking lot is a Michigan Rest Stop area so it’s well marked and easy to find. For those who aren’t sure of the area, it’s in the Central North East part of the UP.

What to do at Canyon Falls and Gorge

canyon falls and gorge
canyon falls and gorge

Here is what you can do at Canyon Falls and Gorge:

Cliff Jump – Yes this place has Michigan’s Best cliff jumping¬†

Hike – The trail along the gorge is easy and incredibly scenic. This is now one of my top 3 destinations in the entire UP

Photograph the Natural Beauty – The amount of compositions at your fingertips is staggering. From long exposures with varying waterfalls, to the nooks and crannies you can navigate yourself to, you are replete with options.

Stretch your legs and Recharge – Not everyone needs to partake in the above three but a nice walk into nature during a road trip is always refreshing. Don’t worry, this will be the greatest leg stretch¬†


Hike / Experience Length ?

canyon falls and gorge

The Canyon Falls and Gorge hike is roughly 1 mile of flat and level terrain. The beginning of the hike is canopied trees and peaceful streams while walking over sections of elevated trail. Shortly after you will be introduced to the River on your left while the terrain remains easy but more rugged. Continuing downstream, the scenery only develops with each new waterfall and widening of the gorge.

The hike doesn’t take long but it’s easy to get engulfed with this Upper Peninsula secluded beauty. For those in a rush or want to experience it quick, plan for a minimum of 20 minutes.¬†

Canyon Falls and Gorge Area Info

Dogs are allowed at Canyon Falls! Make sure to keep your pup on a leash and let them get some Vitamin D

Kids will love Canyon Falls. Careful around some of the gorge edges as if you slip and fall you will be in real danger. 

Yes. They get used interchangeably but many people refer to the lower end of the trail as the Sturgeon River Gorge. If you ask someone about the area they will direct you to the same spot.

Bathrooms are found in the parking lot at Canyon Falls Gorge. There are also water fountains and water spigots. 

More than the Canyon Falls and Gorge in Michigan

As much as I love this place, you need to keep moving and seeing more. What else should you see? Depends on what direction you are heading from here. If north or west, Houghton and up to Copper Harbor or even Bond Falls about 45 minutes away. If East, Marquette, Munising, and Pictured Rocks. Follow these guides below.

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