Bond Falls is the Best Waterfall to see in Michigan (2021)

Bond Falls Scenic Site

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has no shortage of waterfalls that every visitor needs to experience. With an estimated 300+ waterfalls, picking your spots can seem daunting. If you only have limited time and want to see one of the best, make sure to include Bond Falls on your list!

Directions to Bond Falls

Getting to Bond Falls from Marquette looks like this:

  • Follow US-41 N to M-28/US-141 S in Covington Township
  • Follow M-28 W & Calderwood Rd to Scenic Overlook Dr in Bruce Crossing
  • Turn Left onto M-28 W/US-141 S until making a left onto Mile W
  • Follow Mile W and look for Signs

Travel time from Marquette is 1:40 minutes

Bond Falls Hike and Experience

Bond Falls viewing platform

Bond Falls is about as good as it gets when it comes to chasing waterfalls. Easy access, on site amenities, and multiple breathtaking views. The falls are about 40 feet high and more than 100 feet wide! The closest contender to Best waterfall in Michigan has to be, Tahquamenon Falls!

Upon arrival, visitors can park above the falls and walk down or park in the lot and take the very short  2 minute walk to the base of the falls. The lower walk in starts on a trail and after a 100 yards or so transitions into a raised platform that takes you directly to extended viewing platforms. 

The options for exploring here are another reason why you will love this waterfall so much. Choose to climb up either side and get a new perspective or wade in the water and get a closer look at the beauty of this Haight Township gem. If you do climb up either side, you will be treated with a few more sets of cascading waterfalls.

Time Needed: You can make this quick and be in and out in about 15 or go really explore and spend at least an hour! Up to the guest! There are also an abundance of picinic tables for lunches or to take some respite. Photographers will need more time as there are countless compositions to be made there.

Bond Falls

Bond Falls Scenic Site Camping

Camping is available at the local campgrounds just outside of the scenic area. The campgrounds are free and first come first serve. They are managed by the Upper Peninsula Power Company and can be a bit confusing when trying to register for a campsite. Ask a ranger for help if you can’t figure out the system.

There are about 50 campsites that have no power, no dumpsite, and only hand pump water. Some spots CAN fit large RVs.

Don't Skip This SPOT in 2021!

Waterfalls in the Western Upper Peninsula

Although you might want to stop and stay at Bond Falls forever, there are plenty of other sights to see in the area. For the people looking to experience some more amazing waterfalls near Bond falls, head to one of these

Agate Falls – Agate Falls is only about 10 minutes away from Bond Falls and makes for the perfect before or after stop. The beauty with Agate Falls is it’s very easy accessibility.

Canyon Falls – Canyon Falls aka Michigan’s Grand Canyon, should not be skipped if heading east. You can easily venture here and have knocked off 2 amazing waterfalls in one day. Travel distance between these 2 is about 1 hour.

National Black River Scenic Byway – The Bessemer area about 1 hour to the west, is one of the most impressive waterfall areas in the UP. The scenic drive up National Black River Scenic Byway will take you to Gabbro Falls/Bakers Falls, Great Conglomerate Falls, Potawatomi Falls, Gorge Falls, Sandstone Falls, and Rainbow Falls. Don’t miss this!

Bond FAQ

Bond Falls is open in winter and all seasons!

Bond Falls is in Haight Township apart of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Tips for Photographing Waterfalls

Want to capture better photos when taking pictures of waterfalls? Use these few tips to make sure you capture the moment just how you want too:

Creamy and Dreamy Water – Extend your shutter for a long exposure to make that flowing water creamy. Aim for minimum of 1 second or longer! 

Tripod – Handholding long exposures is almost impossible. Bring a tripod to ensure you can take a long exposure and compose the shot just how you want it. 

ND Filter – Chances are the day will be bright and that light is going to effect your cameras ability to extend the shutter. Using an ND filter will help decrease light and allow you to take better long exposures!

See the Best of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 2021

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