How to take the perfect selfie at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu has and probably will be a major talking point of South America for the unforeseeable future. Because of its grandeur, I decided that it was time to see what the whole selfie madness of this place was about. Could this destination live up to its title as one of the worlds wonders. Could I learn how to take the perfect selfie at this iconic landmark?

machu picchu

“Angles, angles & more angles. More angles than geometry. And confidence with your smile”

…. is what I think he said. Hazu spoke without breaking focus of his 3 camera setup. He was a man of many words, that I did not understand but was happy to share his Japanese with me. Hazu was a Japanese man apart of one of the countless tours that ran that day, and an introduction of how to master photography in crowds and the selfie.

Before I get into my experience at this iconic landmark, I think a little overview might be the right call.

Where is Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu is an Incan Citadel located high in the Andes Mountains Range in Peru. It sits above the Urubamba River Valley and one of the most important cultural sites of Peru.

My Machu Picchu Experience

Oh the wonders and joys of Machu Picchu & the rain. Yes, rain. Lots and lots of rain & selfies. What started as the perfect plan the day before, ended with an extraordinary day after. Just lots of blurred shots and moments battling the elements. My shoes were in no working condition and my hat, well that thing needed it.

machu picchu


Expectations were set high as Machu Picchu is well, Machu Picchu. And as many of you know, this place floods social media streams with one of the most scenic & incredible displays of human creation. Despite the rain, selfie sticks, Ipads and Asian tourist groups, it was spectacular. The experience was worth its weight in gold and lived up to the hype.

machu picchu
machu picchu
machu picchu

How to Take a Selfie at Machu Picchu

Smile, be flexible, and have fun is how you take the perfect selfie at Machu Picchu. The amount of people will overwhelm you but that’s where patience and humility will allow you too overcome and snap the moment when it’s your turn. Don’t get frustrated because you have too remember you’re lucky enough too be standing at one of the most impressive human creations.

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The hardest part about the experience is probably battling the crowds. The crowds can be overwhelming when you have 1000 people vying for the same photograph. Luckily and unfortunately, the weather was so rough, people kept flocking for shelter leaving brief windows when the weather would clear for opportune moments.

More info on this landmark here

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