How to take the perfect selfie at Machu Picchu

“Angles, angles & more angles. More angles than geometry. And confidence with your smile”

…. is what I think he said. As Hazu spoke without breaking focus of his 3 camera setup. Hazu was a man of many words, that I did not understand but was happy to share them with me.

Oh the wonders and joys of Machu Picchu & the rain. Yes, rain. Lots and lots of rain & selfies. What started as the perfect plan the day before, ended with an extraordinary day after. Just lots of rain mixed in.

Expectations were set high as Machu Picchu is well, Machu Picchu. And as many of you know, Machu Picchu floods social media streams with one of the most scenic & incredible displays of human creation. Despite the rain, those selfie sticks, IPads and Asian tourist groups were out vying for their newly minted photo to share what the world has already seen a million times.

Here we go. Machu Picchu. Get here. It’s worth it. The photos you have or haven’t seen a million times over.

More pictures are coming as I battle poor connection speeds and time exploring other parts of Cusco. But for now are you interested in how to keep yourself traveling longer? Read below. Enticing title I know.

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