Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games. (Cue the Guns N’ Roses) Just kidding, but welcome to Leticia,Colombia or as you will soon discover, the Tres Fronteras region. Looking to see 3 countries in one day, without the hassle of immigration or security procedures? Follow along for this wild amazon ride.

Leticia Colombia

Why is this area called Tres Fronteras?

Tres Fronteras is the intersecting point of Colombia, Brazil & Peru. Between these 3 countries are invisible borders which means you can freely move between countries without passport or security measures. 

Tres Fronteras translates to, Three Frontiers, and is worthwhile for all curious travelers. The three cities that make the Tres Fronteras are as follows:

  • Colombia – Leticia 
  • Brazil – Tabatinga
  • Peru – Santa Rosa 

So now you know why this area is called the Tres Fronteras, follow this to check 3 countries of your list in one day.

Getting to Leticia, Colombia

After witnessing the beauty of the Amazon from the air, you finally have got your boots on the ground. The first thing you will notice is going to be the heat. Embrace it. It’s here for good. 

Pay your 30,000 COP ($10USD) tourist tax – Unfortunate yes, but somebody’s got to do it. (Tourists). I’m not 100% on this number but If I remember correctly it was 30,000 COP.

Vasquez Cobo International Airport to downtown Leticia

Find a Tuk-Tuk, Motorbike, or Taxi for your 7 minute ride to the heart of Leticia.  The cost should be no more than 4,000 COP for Tuk-Tuk/Motorbike and roughly 6,000 COP for Taxi. 

Feel like walking? You can take an easy 2.5 KM walk to the city center but I’m sure you don’t want the heat to exhaust you from the jump.

Explore Leticia

View from river in Leticia, Colombia

Drop your gear off and get acquainted with where you are. Ask the property owner for a map and get situated.

Leticia is pretty interesting with its mix of Colombia, Peruvian, and Brazilian roots. Combine that with its exotic food and fruits, you will surely find something of interest besides the forever lingering heat.

Leticia to Santa Rosa Boat for Lunch (Ceviche)

Leticia, Colombia Boats

Time to add Peru to countries visited, assuming you haven’t visited before. Head down to the river mouth and hire a boat to Santa Rosa. It’s simple, boats are going back and forth like tennis all day. DON’T PAY MORE THAN 3,000 COP. 

Peru has some damn good food and you’re going to learn that after enjoying a delicious lunch in Santa Rosa. Not only will you get some excellent Ceviche, but the views and wildlife (Parrots) are worth the short journey across the river. 2,000 COP for a 3 minute or so Tuk-Tuk ride to the restaurant

Back to Boat/River (dependent on season)

Head back to the river mouth you came in on and dependent on season, you will either walk/tuk-tuk or take a boat. Marvel at the resiliency these people live with as you can imagine the transformation of the landscape with the change of seasons.

Boat To Tabatinga (Brazil) from Peru

Boat back across the river to explore your 3rd country of the day, Brazil. Upon arrival to Tabatinga, take a stroll through the markets and kill some time before sunset. You’ll notice how everything has changed to Portuguese although only separated by a mile or so. 3,000 COP for your boat ride. Enjoy sunset with a Caipirinha in hand. (Brazils national cocktail)

Tabatinga back to Leticia via Kombi (VW Van)

Hop in a Kombi and make your way back to Leticia. Roughly 10 minutes and 2,000 COP. Notice the changes as you cross the border.

More Leticia Things to do

Every night around 5:30 thousands of parrots gather to socialize (screech) perched in the trees throughout Santander Park. As annoying as it is, its quite impressive to see for a brief period.

After three countries and some of Brazils finest liquor, clean up and head to Leticia’s best restaurant, Tierra Amazonicas. It’s the Amazon, you’re having Piranha. Yes, the same fish that is portrayed by Hollywood as the human, flesh eating monster.

Head to an oddity in the Amazon, artisan ice cream. Head to NAI CHAI an incredible ice cream joint attached to a gas station. 

With more than 15 artisanal offerings, the hardest part is deciding. They are all unique to the region and delicious. It’s a bit isolated from the heart of Leticia but only a 10 minute walk or so. Well worth it.

Beyond Leticia Colombia

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Thanks for everyone who stops by to read or just check out some of the pictures from the trip. If you want more updated pictures or live look into the trip, you can always stay more up to day on Instagram (@errythang_19)


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