Presque Isle Hiking: Marquette’s Must Visit Spot

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If I haven’t made it clear enough, Michigan is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. More specifically, the Upper Peninsula, has endless options of day and multi day activities to suit any adventurers needs. Marquette, one of the UP’s major cities, has many hikes that make the trek here more than memorable. Presque Isle is one of those places that you must consider when looking for excellent Upper Peninsula hiking

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Presque Isle is a major destination for local and out of town travelers in Marquette. Located only about 10 minutes outside of town, this isle is easily accessible and tailored for any type of visitor. Presque Isle has options for everyone:

  • Paved loop for car traffic, hiking or biking
  • Exterior Hiking Path
  • Interior Hiking Path

Why should you go to Presque Isle?

You should go to Presque Isle for:

  • Hiking,
  • Close encounters with wildlife
  • Amazing Shoreline Views
  • Cliff Jumping at Blackrocks
  • Many More

Don’t stress about not packing enough water or snacks but maybe about not having sufficient storage on your memory card. The exterior hiking path has lovely, unobstructed Lake Superior views with small elevation gains and declines. There’s a few dedicated lookout points and many other areas to meander and soak in the beauty of the shoreline.

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Presque Isle Hiking – Exterior Trail, Paved Loop, or Inner Island Trails

The exterior path is roughly 2.2 miles and is well marked and maintained. I think it might be impossible to get lost but if you do, I’m sure you will be glad you did. The loop is a gold mine for photographers with the variety of landscapes, colors, and wildlife. Another beauty of Presque is the ability to get lost and swarmed by an abundance of trees. The Paved Loop runs adjacent to the exterior path but follows the car path rather than hugging the coastline.

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Presque Isle is a very popular destination. The place can be a zoo at times so be conscious of when you decide to explore. Summer hours can be a nightmare while a fall or winter evening can be empty. The driving loop closes during winter and is open daily from around sunrise to sunset hours.

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More than Presque Isle Hiking

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Heading to Marquette or the UP?

Do you have any spots that I MUST hike while in Marquette? If so, drop a comment. Photography fan? Book a Marquette Photo Tour today!

Need help planning a self guided tour of Marquette? I also take visitors around the city to ensure they have the best Marquette experience. Thanks for reading and hope to see you here or somewhere else in this world.


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