Colombia Travel Guide for First Timers (2020)

Colombia Travel guide

Colombia. A country like no other. Colorful people, diverse landscapes, and always something to do. Caribbean partying, Coffee Zone trekking, Amazon exploring, the country offers something unexpected and refreshing around each corner. Follow this Colombia Travel Guide to make the most of your trip while planning or exploring the country.

From the corners of the Caribbean Ocean to the shores of the Atlantic, Colombia is the only South American country to offer access to two different oceans. Don’t just stop at the beaches though, there is much more to be explored. This is my Colombia travel guide for First Timers

Where is Colombia?

Colombia is located in South America adjacent to Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil. Of all the South American countries, Colombia is the 4th largest South American city by area and 2nd by population.

What is there to do in Colombia?

For the curious and adventurous explorer, Colombia is your country. Colombia has a wide expanse of options available for every different person. With so much at your disposal, here are some of the things that you can do in Colombia:

What cities should I visit in Colombia?

Colombia has the best of almost everything you can imagine. Colombia is tough to funnel into one as they excel in just about all facets. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect from each area of the country.

  • Big City + Party – Medellin + Bogota
  • Party – Cartagena, Medellin
  • Outdoor Activities – San Gil
  • Trekking & Coffee – Salento

How do I get around the country?

Colombia has affordable transportation options in every aspect of travel. Planes and buses are affordable and efficient. They aren’t dirt cheap like some places I’ve been, but they are very affordable and comfortable.

Flying is also a viable option and is affordable.

Boats run along Colombia’s Pacific Coast and are not a recommended option for weary or non Spanish speaking travelers.

Trains are almost nonexistent besides for the weekend trips from Bogota to Zipaquira.

How do I get around major cities in Colombia?

The Best way to travel around Colombian cities is by
UBER. Another established and reliable way is through extensive transportation systems. Medellin for example, has a solid Metro and bus system. UBER is very affordable in major Colombian cities. I would recommend using UBER over taxis when you can.

Safety in Colombia

Colombia is a safe country to travel in, in 2020. As most people wonder, is it safe to travel in Colombia? Yes. Colombia is as safe as anywhere you go. Safety is dependent on the person and timing. Some regions are dangerous yes, but its common sense to avoid these hot spots.

Getting to Colombia (Flights)

Most travelers will find flights to Colombia via Medellin, Bogota, or Cartagena. Flights to Colombia can be found cheaper than expected and with little or no layovers. The best deals usually depart from Miami, Texas, and Chicago. Keep your eyes open for those low fares and mistake fares that regularly occur. 

Colombia Trip Planner

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it has helped out in any way. 

If you want more help, please message me and I can offer more Colombia tips for your trip.

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