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Colombia. A country like no other. Colorful people, diverse landscapes, and always something to do. Caribbean partying, Coffee Zone trekking, Amazon exploring, the country offers something unexpected and refreshing around each corner.

colombia travel
Cartagena, Colombia Ninos

From the corners of the Caribbean Ocean to the shores of the Atlantic, Colombia is the only South American country to offer access to two different oceans. Don’t just stop at the beaches though, there is much more to be explored. This is my Colombia travel guide

“Colombia is the only South American country to offer access to two different oceans”

Where is Colombia?

Choco, Colombia
Choco, Colombia

Colombia is located in South America. It is adjacent to Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil. Of all the South American countries, Colombia is the 4th largest South American city by area and 2nd by population.

What can I do in Colombia?

For the curious and adventurous explorer, Colombia is your country. What is difficult is deciding on what too do. There is so much too choose from so let’s take a look at some of the options:

Where should I go in Colombia?

With the countries diversity in landscapes, people, and food, it really depends on what you’re looking for. I can point you in the right direction for certain things and places I’ve been but can’t speak for everything.

  • Big City + Party – Medellin + Bogota
  • Party – Cartagena, Medellin
  • Outdoor Activities – San Gil
  • Trekking & Coffee – Salento

How do I get around the country?

Busses are an excellent option for when you are travelling throughout Colombia. They aren’t dirt cheap like some places I’ve been, but they are very affordable and comfortable. Flying is also a viable option and is affordable. Boats run along the Pacific Coast and are not a recommended option for weary or non Spanish speaking travelers.

How do I get around major Colombian cities?

Many of the major cities in Colombia have an extensive transportation system. Medellin for example, has a solid Metro and bus system. They also offer VERY affordable UBERs and taxis. I would recommend using UBER over taxis.

Safety in Colombia

As most people wonder, is it safe to travel in Colombia? Yes. Colombia is as safe as anywhere you go. Safety is dependent on the person and timing. Some regions are dangerous yes, but its common sense to avoid these hot spots.

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Communa 13, Medellin
Communa 13, Medellin

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Poblado, Medellin
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Colors of Guatape
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colombia travel guide
Guatape, Colombia
colombia travel guide
El Penol, Guatape

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Or did you close the window and book your flight already? I hope you booked because the juice is worth the squeeze.

Getting to Colombia

There are many options to get to Colombia. Depending on where you are coming from, the most popular route seems to be into Medellin, Bogota, or Cartagena. These are some of the most popular cities to visit and also provide you with strategic location depending on what you’re searching for in Colombia.

Colombia Travel Guide for First Timers

If you have anymore questions or need any help with your decision, please reach out. The country has so much to do and see, and the people want you to visit. Don’t hesitate. Go now.

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