5 Stops To Not Miss on Oahu's North Shore

Oahu Bus Pass: Hawaii’s Travel Deal Steal

Aloha! It looks like you're heading to Hawaii? Awesome. You definitely picked the right destination. Now you want to save some money on your transportation, or just find a more economical route? Good. I don't blame you. Hawaii is an expensive place to visit but if you practice some easy

Oahu Hiking: The 3 Must do Hikes on

Oahu Hiking: The 3 Must do Hikes on Oahu Hiking and Hawaii may not the be the first thing that comes to mind when discussing Hawaii. However, Oahu is blessed with some incredible mountainous terrain that is just as or even more astonishing as the deep pacific below. For those

Ka’au Crater Hike: Oahu’s Best Hike? [Photos]

Ka'au Crater Hike : Oahu's Best Hike? Oahu, Hawaii is blessed with beautiful beaches, exotic food offerings, and excellent hiking. The later is one of the best reasons to visit Hawaii but unfortunately most don't get out to explore more of the islands gems. If you've already tackled the big

Waikiki Surfing: Where to catch your next wave

Waikiki Surfing: Where to catch your next wave. Aloha. Welcome to Hawaii and the start of your Waikiki surfing adventure. I'm guessing you have made your way to Hawaii for the translucent warm waters and to catch a few waves. Perfect! You are in the right spot. Waikiki is home

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