Laughing Whitefish Falls is Unbelievable. Go NOW in 2021

Laughing Whitefish Falls is an absolute mandatory waterfall to visit when chasing Upper Peninsula waterfalls. The size, beauty, and accessibility make this a must for your first trip or 10th time. Follow this guide to find out how to make the most of your experience here.

Laughing Whitefish Falls 2021 Guide

laughing whitefish falls

Directions to Laughing Whitefish Falls

Laughing Whitefish Falls is located in Alger County, MI about 30 minutes outside of Marquette and Munising. Getting to Laughing Whitefish Falls is very easy

Marquette to Whitefish Falls:

Highway 41 South to 94 East 

Follow until you hit highway 327 and follow that until it turns into a dirt road with signs. 

laughing whitefish falls

Hiking to this Amazing Upper Peninsula Waterfall

The Laughing Whitefish Falls Hike is a 1 mile out and back loop. The trail is well maintained and is a very easy hike. For Michigan’s waterfall scene, this is one of the best especially since the hike is so easy and rewarding. The hike in is flat with some small inclined hills complemented with lush, thick ferns.

The Hike is a loop so you will come back in on the same trail that you entered on. Don’t feel lost because it’s almost impossible to go off trail.

laughing whitefish falls

3 Different Viewing Platforms

The main viewing platform is immediate as you arrive to the top of the waterfall. Don’t get stuck here as there are two more that you NEED to get to. There is a giant staircase of about 100 stairs that lead to the base of the falls as well as a set that leads to the viewing platform of the middle of the falls! This will be a challenge if you’re in poor condition and combined with humid weather.

If you’re in good shape it will be challenging but nothing you can’t do.

Whitefish Falls FAQ

Yes, there are bathroom facilities at the parking lot. 

Yes there is a parking area but the area is limited. The place gets busy in the warm months but parking shouldn’t be a worry.

There is no camping at Laughing Whitefish. The closest camping spots are in Au Train.

Cell phone signal at Whitefish Falls is limited and sporadic. Driving in I lost service about 10 minutes before arriving. All dependent on provider but I am a Verizon User

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash.

Bugs can be terrible here and throughout most of the Upper Peninsula. BRING REPELLANT on any hike you do in the UP!!

Wintertime at Laughing Whitefish

Winter at Laughing Whitefish is a truly special moment. I highly recommend visiting during the colder months because as spectacular as it is during the warm months, the bugs are rampant and make things much less enjoyable. Bring warm clothes and if you are visiting after a heavy snow, make sure you have 4×4! The roads are plowed up to a certain point but it’s about a 1 mile walk in if you can’t make it in your car!

Best Things to do near Laughing Whitefish

There are so many other things in this area that any visitor should experience. Because this waterfall is a quick trip, visitors should plan to do other things with their day. Here are some of the best things to do near here:

Lakenland Sculpture Park – Lakenland is just around the corner from here, about 20 minutes, but is a well worthy stop on any UP trip. Go when and if you can!

Marquette, MI – Marquette has some of the top attractions in the Upper Peninsula and is only 30 minutes away from this Michigan gem

Michigan Photographer and Guide

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