Upper Peninsula Travel. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a wonderland for travelers and outdoor adventurers. Isolation. Thick, dense forests. Rugged coastline. And Michigan’s favorite, lakes. Combining all these wonderful natural pieces makes for some pretty scenic hiking. Here are 5 hikes that you should put on your list when visiting Marquette

Upper Peninsula Travel: 5 Marquette Hikes you HAVE TO TAKE in 2020

Sugarloaf Mountain

Upper Peninsula travel isn’t easy but hiking Sugarloaf mountain is. Sugarloaf Mountain is probably the first and most talked about hike in Marquette you will encounter. 

  • Close to town,
  • Quick
  • Non strenuous
  • Very scenic views.

This hike doesn’t require much effort but the scenery will take your breath away. If you need somewhere to start on your Marquette travel itinerary, start here. Be wary of timing on this hike because it can get crowded at the summit and on the trail.

Read the full Sugarloaf Hiking Guide HERE

Hogback Mountain

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Hogback Mountain is Marquette’s most challenging hike. This is also one of the best hikes in Michigan. Considerably more grueling than Sugarloaf, Hogback gets pretty tough near the peak where some sections do require 4 point stances. I highly recommend this one for anyone who wants a physical challenge

  • Important reminder – Hogback can be confusing as the signage isn’t always clear on what direction to go. If you have ALLTRAILS, I would use it to ensure you’re heading the right way.

Presque Isle Loop

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Presque Isle Loop is the best family hike in Marquette. The 2.2 mile loop is very easy but incredibly scenic. The majority of the trail hugs the coastline giving hikers rewarding views and countless places for photo opportunities. Another nice part about the hike is that if you want to venture off the exterior, you can navigate into the interior and follow multiple paths that cut across rather than around the island. 

Most people drive the car path and visit Sunset Point and the Blackrocks cliff jump, but hiking the loop is well worth your time.

Wetmore Landing Shoreline Trail

Wetmore Landing

Wetmore Landing shoreline Trail to Little Presque Isle is the all around best hike in Marquette. A very enjoyable coastline hike. This one is all about enjoying the rugged coastline of your Upper Peninsula travel experience. You will hug the coastline for the majority of the hike with no real major changes in elevation. This eventually runs into Little Presque depending on which way you go but it’s most certainly a very pleasant hike.

Dead River Falls

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Dead River Falls is far from Dead. Most of this Upper Peninsula hike follows the Dead River with varying terrain. The hike has 4 sets of waterfalls and is easily my favorite on a hot day. The beginning of this trail is a short but steep climb from the parking lot but don’t let it discourage you as the rest of the hike is a mix of flats and gradual ups and downs.

Upper Peninsula Travel and More

The Upper Peninsula travel list continues with great depth when you come to Marquette. Make sure to add all of these activities to your list when traveling throughout Northern Michigan. These are my TOP and favorite travel resources for Marquette Michigan:

Fall Colors Tour – Marquette is one of the best Upper Peninsula Travel destinations to experience peak colors during the fall


Great Lakes Surfing – Great Lakes surfers really come out to play when fall rolls around. Make sure to keep your eyes open for Marquette’s Surfer Dan.


tahquamenon falls

Do you have a favorite hike that didn’t make the list? Let me know as I still have some more hikes that I need to complete before seeing all of Marquette. If you are coming to the area now, make sure you check out my Chasing Fall Colors piece to see what you can expect with the unbelievable fall colors. Beer at Blackrocks is always a good idea too post hike!

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