Marquette is way up north in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, making it a not so easy place to fly in and out of. Thankfully, Marquette does have an airport, but unfortunately the routes it serves is limited. So how do you visit this region if you don’t feel like driving and want the easiest route in? Here we will take a look at what the Marquette Michigan airport has to offer.

marquette michigan airport

Marquette Michigan Airport Overview

  • Flying into Gwinn’s Sawyer International Airport is easier than you think but still not ideal
  • Flights are limited depending on day of service
  • Downtown Marquette is about a 25 minute drive
  • The Airport is roughly 15 miles away from Downtown Marquette in the town of Gwinn

Transportation from Sawyer International to Downtown Marquette

Taxi rates from Sawyer International to Marquette is a flat rate of $40.

Checker and UpTown Taxis are your options for transportation. If you don’t have someone picking you up or a rental car, you’re going too have to take a taxi or Bus. You can’t take a Lyft or Uber and walking is not going too happen, especially in winter.

Bus routes run Monday – Saturday with nine fixed routes

Parking at Sawyer International Airport

The Daily Rates for parking at Sawyer International Airport is $5. Anything longer than 8 hours will be a flat $5 rate.

  • First 2 hours: Free
  • 2-4 Hours: $2
  • 4-6 Hours: $3
  • 6-8 Hours: $4
  • Max Weekly $35
  • Lost Ticket: $50

Sawyer International Airport Flight Schedule

Flying in and out of Marquette can be a challenge so its important to know the exact times and routes. Sawyer International airport is one of the international airports in Michigan that has daily flights out of these 3 major cities: Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis.

marquette michigan airport

Upper Peninsula of Michigan Airports

As the regions largest airport, Sawyer International is the BEST and most reliable Northern Michigan Airport to fly into. This Upper Peninsula of Michigan Airport is the best option for anyone who wants to fly into the Upper Peninsular region without making a long road trip. Other Upper Peninsula Airports are:

  • Escanaba – Delta County Airport
  • Hancock/Houghton – Houghton County Memorial
  • Iron Mountain/Kingsford – Ford Airport
  • Sault Ste. Marie – Chippewa County International Airport

Marquette Hotels and Accommodation

For the late bookers or the unexpected trip takers who haven’t found a spot to stay yet, here is a guide to Marquette Michigan Hotels. This city can get very busy on popular weekends so plan accordingly.

Exploring the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Are you into photography or want a personal guide for your trip? I run 1 hour photo classes and day tours if that’s more of your cup of tea.

If worst comes to worse and you can’t find a ride from the airport, drop a message and maybe I can swoop you! Thanks for reading.

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