Chasing Fall Colors: Marquette, Michigan

Chasing Fall Colors: Marquette, Michigan

Chasing Fall Colors

Marquette, Michigan. Home to where you should be chasing fall colors this and every year. Have you heard about this Upper Peninsula Michigan gem? If not don’t worry, as you will have a better understanding of this must visit fall destination before the end of this post. For those of you who know about Marquette, know that this is an ultimate stop for any Michigan or U.S. color chasing trip. Now let’s see Marquette’s true colors.

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Where is Marquette?

Marquette is positioned in the northern center of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Upper Peninsula is the northern peninsula of Michigan that is connected by the Mackinac Bridge. To make a long story short, Marquette is way up north. This is another reason why it’s a memorable destination to get up here.


Where are the best places to see Marquette’s colors?

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Everywhere! The city is loaded with trees boasting their colors daily. Some of the best scenery around Marquette can be found by just meandering the streets and embracing the lovely foliage. Besides the casual walkabout, the city is packed with hiking and biking trails just outside the downtown areas of town.

Some spots you need to check out for foliage include:

  • McCartys’ Cove
  • Presque Isle
  • Sugarloaf Mountain

When is the best time to chase fall colors in Marquette?

Now! Well, anytime in the fall is ideal but mid October has seemed to show some of its best and brightest foliage in the state. It’s hard to not enjoy the scenery at any season in Marquette, but Fall’s leaf turning is a tough one to beat. Try to make your trip around this time or just before to get the highest density of vibrant trees.

What else can I do in Marquette?

Marquette is built for those who prefer to be outside. So if you need something else other than just snapping photos of the dreamy landscapes, the city will keep you busy. There are options ranging from hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, drinking and dining. Biking here is hailed as a top destination in the country and the lake can provide big surf from time to time.

Marquette definitely tops the fall colors destinations list for me and those who have experienced it. The beauty is that Marquette isn’t just an excellent place for fall but for other seasons as well. Winter can be rough but for the right person, charming.

Marquette is also home Northern Michigan University. Recently, the University was recognized as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly University. Because I’m not well versed in that topic, you can read more about that here . So, hop on a bike and come enjoy the colors that this place offers!

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Itching for a trip up here? Get up here now as winter is slowly making its way up here. Not only are the colors going to fade but the temps will slowly drop day by day. Need some ideas for any other Northern Michigan destinations? Check out my 5 Northern Michigan destinations guide here.


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